White People Who Hate White People Are Racist

Hating others — including one’s self — for the way we’re born is the very definition of.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As I understand it from certain quarters on the left, I suffer from original sin. By virtue (ar ar) of birth circumstances, I am by default a white supremacist and a racist. Because, white.

Yet we’re no longer permitted to believe (at least out loud) that black people were ‘properly’ enslaved because of God’s birthmark of inferiority — their skin.

If it’s birth privilege-reckoning time, I reckon this means black and other men of color must experience their come-to-Jesus reckoning and acknowledge their own original sin.

Penis = male privilege, i.e., misogynist entitled tool of The Patriarchy. Plenty of entitled black men must think they own the whole damn world, white privilege notwithstanding, because they’re the greatest threat to the lives of black women. Murdered by men at two and a half times the rate of white women, 94% of black female victims were killed by someone they knew (similar to white women), and most weren’t committing a crime, but were instead having an argument with someone. Who? Their husbands or partners, 93% of whom were black. The domestic violence rate for women of color is considerably higher than it is for white or Asian women. Black male patriarchy: It’s a thing, too.

But never mind that. This isn’t about black male misogynoir; it’s about the one thing far-left ‘progressives’ and ROCs (Racists of Color) can agree on: White people suck. We’re the worst. Ever.

Bill Maher created a few waves last year with his New Rule against white shame, particularly vomit-worthy virtue signaling.

“White liberals: The only people with a bias against themselves. They only want to hang out with people who are not them.”

It’s the preferred sport of self-loathing white people, the easy way to pretend you’re antiracist without having to do anything. It’s got that whole confess-your-sins-before-God-for-forgiveness feel to it. Just roll around on the ground in front of a bunch of embarrassed Black Lives Matter protesters frothing at the mouth like some rabid evangelical screaming, “I’m a worm! I’m evil! I’m a sinner! I am a white supremacist!” even if the most racist thing you’ve ever done is laugh at a Lisa Lampanelli joke.

Racism is judging someone by the color of their skin, not the content of their character. Some famous guy once said that. But he wasn’t thinking of white self-haters because not many existed. I can’t remember this guy’s name. It’s not important. He was nothing but a man-whore oozing with male privilege who fucked around on his wife, a lot. (He was a Christian preacher, of course! But this was back in the days when Christian men screwed around with women.) He may have fathered an illegitimate child. He allegedly laughed at, possibly even offered advice to a rapist during a rape. If he was alive today he’d be soooo cancelled. What do you expect from someone with a penis?

(How’s original sin lookin’ now, ROCs?)

Somehow I’m guessing the left won’t be pulling down statues of You-Know-Who anytime soon.

Black lives do matter, which is why I don’t say All Lives Matter. Seven billion humans facing an entire planet of widely different challenges is too vast to contemplate versus roughly 47 million living in a specific country with a hardcore racism problem. Something we actually have the power to do something about.

But we must remember: #AllHumanRightsMatter.

White people can’t claim to work for equality if we’re willing to excuse in others what we’d never tolerate in our tribe. Racism is racism, whether you hate others’ race or your own.

It’s not okay to hate on your own. I recently lost a black friend over this. He didn’t hate white people; he hated black people. Especially black women. I told him I couldn’t deal with his misogynoir anymore, we had an argument, and of course he blocked me.

I think what really aggravated him was when I pointed out he’d been challenged on his misogynoir by four different sources. If one person says something about you, hey, it’s an opinion. If a second person does, well maybe, but who knows. If three or more sources — one of which is an entire Zoom support group — telling you something is a problem, pay attention. It’s a problem. Yours.

I cut him slack for a year because I’m not black, I no longer live in America and he’d referred to a lot of trauma he’d been through. I didn’t know what was behind it. I still don’t, but now I wonder what his ex-wives and ex-friends might say about him.

It’s not okay to hate black people even when you’re black.

Ergo, white racial self-hatred isn’t okay either.

Granted, ROC racism against whites is more often passive — white Americans overall don’t need to be afraid of black violence the way blacks need to be of whites.

But we can’t tolerate self-directed racism while we claim to fight the rest. We have to fight it all, rooting the toxin from our souls.

White self-hatred is toxic for a number of reasons.

It encourages black racism

Everyone can be racist despite deniers’ claims otherwise. It doesn’t matter who’s in charge. If you hate on someone for their birth color, it’s racism. ROCs, especially certain ‘antiracists’, need to challenge their own biases and prejudices like everyone else.

If whites quietly consent it’s okay to hate on white people because of historical slavery grievances, uh, do you really want to go down that path? Because the African continent was no pre-European paradise for many and some parts still won’t end slavery today.

Before Europeans, much of African prehistory mirrored the rest of prehistoric cultures: Raiding, war, slavery, massacres.

The continent’s men were every bit as violent as other men.

As a woman, I look with a pretty damned judgemental eye on the barbaric gynocrime of Female Genital Mutilation, with historical evidence implicating Africans roughly 2,500 years ago. The inventors might also have been Arab slave traders, although many scholars think it started in Egypt. No matter which, it was likely men who came up with it, and today African women still rabidly enforce it. If historic wrongs by dead people are a reason to hate on others, African-Americans have a lot to account and atone for.

White self-hatred encourages standard racism

White self-loathing gives genuine white supremacists a real reason to point fingers, cry ‘Racism!’ and feed their own overblown sense of victimhood.

If it’s ‘sort of’ okay to excuse racism against ‘some’ whites (the ‘bad’ ones), it becomes too easy to talk about the ‘good’ black people and the ‘bad’ black people. Or as disgraced Southern cuisine cooking maven Paula Deen more plainly put it, the good blacks, and the — you know.