Is It Even Possible For Dave Chappelle To ‘Punch Down’ On Transfolk?

‘The Closer’ is imperfect but his humophobic targets are neither stainless nor steel

CC0 2.0 image by John Bauld on Flickr

What amazes me after my boyfriend and I watched Dave Chappelle’s The Closer is how un-transphobic he comes across. The science is squarely on Chappelle’s side when he speaks of biological sex being real, although he calls it gender, which some argue isn’t the same as biological sex, but that’s what happens when the left constantly monkeys around with vocabulary that used to mean actual specifics. Now no one knows what the fuck you’re talking about.

“I’m Team TERF [Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist],” he says proudly and I smiled. I’ve also been called that for asserting one’s natal biology is what one dies with. The only men or genderfluids who can have babies are the ones who still have their original girl parts. As Chappelle points out, every single person entered this world from between the legs of a woman, which pretty much seals the case for vaginas and wombs as evidence of femaleness, regardless of how you identify or whether you can menstruate or not. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be treated as you identify, or worse, murdered, but don’t try to gaslight us about Biology 101.

Biological sex denial stoops to the same level of scientific insanity as those who deny there’s a pandemic. “Man, last year’s flu season was brutal!”

The transgender movement suffers from the same problem as other social justice movements: The loudest, most in-your-face humophobic lunatics get the lioness's share of the press because extremism sells.

Sacred Holy Writ

Donald Trump got to be President with many thanks to the American mass/social media’s Trump obsession above and beyond his eminently more talented, experienced, intellectually superior, and moderate challenger.

The reaction coverage of The Closer is every bit as slanted as for the 2016 campaign. If you come to virtue signal and bash Chappelle, someone will stick a mic in your face or share your Instagram hate thousands of times.

If you dare to praise him, a veritable medieval-style Transquisition will rake you over the fires of social media hell and destroy your life every bit as effectively as a mass shooter with a grudge.

The problem isn’t the trans community overall, but the narcissistic hyper-sensitive pearls-clutchers. #NotAllTrans, not by a long shot. Just the Trump-level self-obsessed ones.

Chappelle’s humor is problematic, for sure, but his critical targets themselves are neither morally stainless nor steel, when they overreact and overstate harm because he dared to challenge their Sacred Holy Writ.

  • Whether a woman born as a man is exactly the same as a born woman (she’s not; she’s still biologically XY, historically called man or male)

  • Whether Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria among young people, particularly teenagers, is real (it is)

  • Why transgender and particularly transmen were fairly rare until the rise of social media

  • Whether women who haven’t been women for very long get to define what womanhood and being a woman is and means (And why aren’t we arguing about the meaning of the word man?)

  • Whether it’s a wise idea to give young children and teenagers permanently body-altering hormone blockers and surgery when ample evidence indicates most will ‘outgrow’ their gender dysphoria

  • Whether not allowing children/teens to transition drives up the suicide rate when youth suicides increased for years before transitioning and social media exploded

  • Whether people are transitioning for good reasons. Some girls cite not wanting to be a woman in a misogynist society, and some gays say they don’t want to live in a homophobic society. Is there anything less feminist or more homophobic than accepting severe body alteration over living authentically and forcing misogynist homophobes to control themselves?

Now I have to ask: Is it even possible to ‘punch down’ on the trans community and its fawning sycophants when they say things like this?

A Toronto Star columnist defends Margaret Atwood for asking a perfectly reasonable question.

Yes, nothing makes you sound more like a ‘real woman’ or a supporter than old-school misogyny.


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