That's what we say to men when we think they're acting weak. "Have some balls!" 
So what do we say when women are acting weak? We can't very well tell them to get some balls. Women can't, of course!
Maybe women need to 'grow some labia'! The labia are the parts of the vagina that would have become the scrotum for the balls had she been born a male instead (and since she didn't, what would have been her balls are her ovaries).
But I doubt you came here for a female anatomy lesson. It's time for us to grow some labia and woman up, show more strength, challenge ourselves more. Time to take more charge and responsibility for our lives, and less time blaming 'The Patriarchy' or systemic sexism.
Those things exist, for sure, but at some point
we've got to recognize the buck stops with the
woman in the mirror and we need to claim our
power (or reclaim it if we gave it away somehow!)
So it's time for women everywhere to


I've written a few blog posts about how we can do exactly that and reclaim our power!
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Like a computer network, one attacker can bring down the whole system if he finds your vulnerability first
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Otherwise, it's just a cute little affectation
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Would they die with their bike grip-shaped dick in their hand?
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If women adopt a One Strike, You’re Out principle, abusers will have a much smaller pool to choose from
Do You Have A Thing For Abusers?
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...and many, many more articles, not just about a new feminism for the 21st century but on racism, politics, the COVID-19 crisis, and many other topics. There's even some brutally graphic banana slug porn in there somewhere if you care to look for it (and if you need outré  porn in your life THAT badly...man, you need to get out more!
You can also check out my YouTube channel for Grow Some Labia.
Image by Marcus Lewis
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