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the transsexual scientist & the black sociologist

Grow Some Labia! Is a place for women who want to reclaim their power and find their voice in a culture that’s often hostile to egalitarianism and a truly empowered feminism.

This is for those who believe in personal responsibility, owning your issues, and recognizing when you’re the one holding yourself back. And who want to change.

We've spent enough time analyzing the effect of 'the patriarchy' on women and how it holds us back; now let's talk about what we're doing to ourselves back. I blog on Vocal.Media and here about the limitations of today's victim narrative-centered feminism. 
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Dana Bevan was a genuine MtF gender dysphoric long before it was cool. Born in the 1940s, she writes about what she went through and how she came to finally transition to the way she truly felt. Refreshing because it lacks all the far-left trans movement ideological bullshit.

Wilfred Reilly, a black sociologist, found over 400 'hate crimes' you've likely read about but never learned they were hoaxes because the mainstream media didn't give it the dramatic coverage it gives when the crimes allegedly occur. Reilly notes just how many hoaxes are perpetuated by black people, Hispanics, Muslims, and now, taking a cue from others, the white right. 

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The Manifesto...

Where Do I start?

My Mother Taught Me Never To Tolerate Abuse

And you don't have to, either

Why I Don't Take Crap From Partners​

My mother called Marisol ‘a doormat’ because she tolerated verbal abuse. I learned never to be one.

Why I 'Scream Into The Void' About Growing Some Labia
Why is there a dearth of research on the psychology of female victimhood?

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