Writing Samples


hamletHamlet For Goldfish – Mobile devices are ruining our F2F (face to face) interaction capabilities, and now they’re threatening to decimate our ability to read anything longer or more complex than a Miley Cyrus tweet. What does this mean for content producers?


3078856253_aa1e08579c_z“But What Do You SELL?” – I’m not a philosopher or a New Age mystic. For the love of God or Darwin, please just tell me what you sell! I feel like a bunch of wheatgrass-swilling Deepak Chopra-crazed Illuminati are designing the world’s corporate websites.


What “The Day The Air Conditioners Died” Meant for NERC Complianceelectrical tower – There’s nothing quite like buggy software and killer trees to bring down a good chunk of the eastern North American electrical infrastructure. NERC compliance has been a chronic headache for utility companies ever since.


3475168094_ce12cc7b15_bKeep Your Clothes On, LinkedIn! – LinkedIn is a professional website. It’s not Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. If you wouldn’t show up for a morning meeting wearing Ms. Sexy Reporter’s tight spandex gym top, then you shouldn’t post it on LinkedIn.


grumpy santaDeck the Halls With Non-Compliance – ‘Twas the week before Christmas, and Santa was sweating bullets in the Legal Department sneaking slugs of heavily-laced Christmas cheer from his hip flask. The feddies had finally caught up with him and Mrs. Claus had left for Miami.


turkeysRisk Assessment Workshop For Turkeys – My fellow turkeys and neighbors of Plymouth Forest, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy hiding schedule today to attend this Risk Assessment Workshop. Thanksgiving is almost upon us and we need a strategic plan for how we’re going to get through another November.


internal auditTop Ten Reasons You Should Practice Risk-Based Internal Audit – Because if you’re not already doing regular risk assessments at least annually, this will give you a good excuse to start. And if you don’t do them yet, you really, really need to re-read the first nine reasons. And avoid peekaboo yoga pants.




misogyny abuseA Plea To Stop ‘Misogyny’ Abuse – Folks, let’s all take a deep breath and step away from the misogyny accusations for a moment. It’s gotten so I don’t think we actually know what the word means anymore.


Reluctant FeministThe Reluctant Feminist – I’m kinda sorta a feminist. I guess. Seems a bizarre waffle to make in 2015, but the truth is, I find a disconnect between myself and today’s feminism. Victim feminism? Sorry, but I just don’t relate.


second chance - red womanEveryone Deserves A Second Chance – I’m a sucker for a good redemption story. If a person does a terrible thing, even criminal, I can accept them if they’re truly and honestly repentant. Sometimes people need time to come around.


angry domoOffensensitivity – I’m offended, you’re offended, he’s offended, she’s offended, wouldn’t you like to be offended too! In case you’re not stressed out enough about your behavior, there’s a newish concept called ‘microaggressions’ which ensures you will never be comfortable anywhere other than under your own bed again.


nicole-zombie-drummerCanadian Rhapsody – If Canadians ask me why I moved from the US to Canada nine years ago, I tell them, “Better beer.” If Republicans ask I tell them, “Better healthcare and all the damn socialism.”


Dad & me - Christmas3-D Gil: Laughing Through The Tears – Dad had a massive heart attack hours after doing what he loved best – eating. He’d downed a large plate of shrimp scampi and washed it down with three, count ’em, THREE desserts. Mom was furious, between the tears. And then the pastor asked, “Tell me what your father was like…”