Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Young Republican, Yuppie Princess

It’s a modern swords ‘n’ sorcery tale. With a tight-assed Republican. Give it a try! $2.99 is a very small risk. You pay a lot more than that for a crappy movie based on a lame ex-TV show or anything by Adam Sandler.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Young Republican, Yuppie Princess

10.  If you’ve ever wondered what might happen to a clueless rah-rah Ronald Reagan cheerleader stuck in a pseudo-medieval patriarchal alternate universe with her three hopelessly dorky friends, now you’ll be able to sleep at night.

9.    Seriously, man, how many more books on boring has-been celebrities and their equally boring drug problems can you read?

8.    No @#$%ing vampires.  Anywhere.

7.    If you feel like it was a total waste of money after you read this the Goddess will zap Nicole and turn her into a zucchini or something.

6.    Nicole actually wrote a book, unlike people who throw zombies and sea monsters into existing books that were written by way better writers than they.

5.    Young Republican, Yuppie Princess is honest fiction, which is more than Ann Coulter can claim about any of her own books, but if it were pretending to be non-fiction, it would still be more believable.

4.    You don’t really want to read Justin Bieber’s memoir next, do you?  Cripes, the kid is only seventeen years old.  What’s he got to remember?  Seventh grade swirlies?

3.    Young Republican, Yuppie Princess is a spoof on sword ‘n’ sorcery fantasy novels, not to mention eternally sunny Young Republican politics.  Remember when they thought Wall Street could do no wrong?

2.    If you like Christopher Moore‘s sense of humor, you should like Young Republican, Yuppie Princess.  That guy’s gotta be Nicole’s long-lost brother or something.

1.    Young Republican, Yuppie Princess is really funny (Don’t believe me?  See for yourself!  Download the first three chapters here!)  It has a go at the Republicans.  And it all started right here, in the Eighties, with Ronald Reagan.

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