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“If readers are tired of vampires, shifters, angels or zombies – and for the life of me, I still don’t “get” zombies – they need look no further than the Sumerian pantheon presented here, a Fountain of Youth, ancient warriors from the Underworld and ley lines. After researching a little bit about Lamashtu and Pazuzu I have to say, “Holy shit, what were those Sumerians smoking?”

Night Owl Reviews

“Sumer Lovin by Nicole Chardenet is an interesting mix of urban fantasy, wacky humor, and romance that succeeds in cobbling together a collection of quirky characters and displaying their foibles to the world. I was most impressed with the skillful weaving of the ancient Sumerian mythology, Jewish mythology, and modern days myths about love and gender issues”

Capital Literary Review

“Canadian humour?! Since Leacock? From Toronto? You gotta be kidding! Well, that was my first reaction when Sumer Lovin’ was pitched to me for a review. I was wrong. Nicole Chardenet has certainly pulled off a Canuck version of Woody Allen. Beyond a doubt, this hilarious story is the best humour from Canada in a decade.”

New Perspectives on Canadian Literature

“No one can accuse Chardenet of lacking imagination. An eclectic mix of characters fuel this comic fantasy novel, from an odiferous child-protecting demon to a gaggle of typical IT nerds named Dave. In this melting pot of characters, the author manages to weave an outrageous story that leaves the reader wondering “what the heck just happened here?”

Times Squared

“Sumer Lovin’ is a novel for anyone who likes wacky stories about gods and mythology. Second novel for author, Nicole Chardenet, it is an ode to religious pluralism, weaving Christian, Jewish, and Muslim ideologies and beliefs with Mesopotamian mythology.”

49th Shelf

“Full of edgy humour, Sumer Lovin’ is a fantastically funny book. It takes head on the eternal dilemma of finding love in the concrete jungle, and then spices it up with some wacky fantasy inspired by Sumerian legends.”

Get Published – Mike Plested – Episode 102 – Nicole Chardenet Brings Laughs To Love


“Sumer Lovin’ is a very different book from what I normally read. It is a comedy of sorts that deals with people trying to find love and lust in Toronto. Definitely not something I normally read. I could tell you what I thought of it now, but that would only spoil the review.”



Bitten By Books

“If you were a child of the eighties you will love the many references to eighties culture. We get the Reagan White House, totally awesome slang, big hair and shoulder pads. The dialogue is perfect. It is quirky and peppered with radical 80’s slang.”

Curse of the Bibliophile
“I loved the characters and found myself laughing so much my stomach hurt. Some of the things that happen to the main character Joyce Bacyrus ridiculously funny while still having a serious side to them. The settings were done very well and made me believe I was right there with Joyce. There are so many books out there with plots that have been done to death it makes you wonder if there will ever be anything new and original.”

Open Book Society
 – “I really enjoyed this story on several levels. I enjoyed the delve back to the eighties, I enjoyed the witty sarcasm of Joyce, I LOVED that the nerds were totally the heroes of the story. But most of all I loved that even in all of its fantastical-other-worldliness, there was this hint of “this could totally happen!”

Amazon Reviews

Karen Dales, Award-winning author, The Chosen Chronicles
“Fun and adventurous, this book keeps the reader going. Sometimes you love Joyce and sometimes you just
want to slap her. ”

“I especially liked some of the details of life in the royal palace; characters like the Chatelaine and the Royal Chirurgeon made the fictional world really come to life. (The Priest who turned out to be even more uncharitably rigid in upholding the social order than his brother, the prince, was also a fascinating character.)”

Ron Hutchison, author of Santa Fe Crazy and Latitude-38
“Young Republican, Yuppie Princess is a true original. If I was pitching the story to a Hollywood producer, I would say: ‘Revenge of the Nerds meets Harry Potter…rated R for adults.'”


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