Hacker’s Top Ten Medieval Pickup Lines

1.  Hey there pretty mermaid, is the water real cold or are you just happy to see me?
2.  I can tell you’re a witch because you just cast a spell on me!
3.  Hi there princess, if I was your horse would you ride me into the sunset?
4.  Is there a fire-breathing dragon around or are you just the hottest chick in the kingdom?
5.  Was I invited to the King’s banquet?  Because you’re a feast for the eyes!
6.  A guy like me would be great with a dryad like you because you’re giving me some serious wood!
7.  If I told you you had a great bodice would you hold it against me?
8.  I can tell you’re a goddess because your breasts are divine.
9.  It’s not the size of the sword, it’s the skill of the skill of the swordsman!  That’s why they call me Sir Shagsalot!
10.  Hey baby, mind if I slip my sword into your scabbard?