Can I get your books in paperback or hardcover?

Young Republican, Yuppie Princess and Sumer Lovin’ are both available as e-books but only Sumer Lovin’ is available in paperback. Neither are in hardcover. You can order them from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble.

Where can I get the e-books?

You can download them for Kindle at Amazon and for the Nook at Barnes & Noble. In addition, you can also download them in a variety of formats at Smashwords.  If you’re in Canada you can get them from Chapters/Indigo’s.

I don’t have an e-reader. Can I download this to my computer or mobile?

You can download a free Kindle reader for just about any device including Apple and smartphones.

Okay, enough with the techie stuff. What is humorous fantasy fiction?

Young Republican, Yuppie Princess has been described sometimes as science fiction and/or fantasy because it has elements of both. I regard it as fantasy more than science fiction, but there’s an argument to be made for the fact that it’s got a portal to an alternate universe, a common staple of science fiction, opened up via a computer program (definitely in the science fiction realm). It’s a spoof of some of the more common fantasy tropes in that old tried-and-true fantasy genre known as swords ‘n’ sorcery. You know, a medieval setting, Tolkien-like creatures, monarchical government, etc. Humorous fantasy fiction is simply fantasy fiction meant to be funny. Christopher Moore calls what he writes ‘comic fantasy’ and I think the sort of fiction he and I write is quite similar, but I didn’t want to call my books comic fantasy because I didn’t want it to be confused with comic-style fiction, i.e., graphic novels written in a comic strip style. If you’re not into science fiction, you’ll still like this book.

Sumer Lovin’ is all fantasy and no science fiction. The portals opened around the city of Toronto happen via a supernatural earthquake rather than anything man-made. It follows the travails of various neurotic characters in their attempt to find love in one of the most frigid cities in North America. And not because of the weather :)

Where did you learn about the medieval stuff?

Lady Gisele receives her Terpsichore award circa 1991

Lady Gisele receives her Terpsichore award circa 1991

I was in the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is a medieval re-creation society, for close to ten years. My medieval ‘persona’ was a fifteenth-century French noblewoman named Lady Gisele du Pont Avignon whose backstory was that she was kidnapped by pirates en route to her wedding to a cousin and later sold into a Turkish harem, where she learned how to belly dance. The “Lady” assignation wasn’t part of the persona story, but an earned title I got years later within the SCA called an Award of Arms. I also got a Terpsichore Award for Middle Eastern dancing and for teaching it to others.

When is your next book coming out?

The Age of Asparagus, coming out before the end of spring 2016, takes place in Toronto like Sumer Lovin’. It’s a cautionary tale of why you shouldn’t bring a rock star back from the dead to be your boyfriend, no matter how cute and charismatic he was in the ’60s. Especially if he had all the alcohol and drug problems, of, say, Jim Morrison. Or was, to be more specific, Jim Morrison. (Not that it’s a good idea even if said ex-dead guy was a drug-free teetotaler.) Complicating matters for our young witch heroine are a burnt-out ’80s wannabe rock star, a nerd who still thinks he might be a virgin, and a downstairs neighbor who thinks he’s the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley.

Are you a Republican?

No, I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m not. But Joyce, the main character in Young Republican, Yuppie Princess is. Why? Because I went to school with people like that when I was in university during the Reagan years.

What do you think about the way the American 2016 election is shaping up?

It’s historic! Can you imagine? No matter who wins – we’ll either have America’s first female, Jewish, or certifiably brain-dead President!