About Me, Technology, and Dixie Mason

How It All Began

I embarked upon my fabulous, glamorous Information Technology career in Connecticut in the early ’90s, with small systems integrators/computer resellers. It’s a wonder I’ve still got all my cookies.


The early Pentium math coprocessor bug was also a joke – though not for Intel!

Windows, Lantastic, Novell, you name it – well, not Apple, who had lost a lot of market share by then. I also put in a year’s hard time at a telecom company acquired by another telecom company that went famously bankrupt – fortunately, after I left.

I succumbed to the siren call of open source and switched from Microsoft to Linux at home. I still use Windows, but not as much.


After moving to Toronto I I stayed with technology and sold Microsoft professional services and MS/SCO Unix service contracts – yes, really, SCO Unix – and then Governance, Risk and Compliance software, mobile scheduling apps and workforce management professional services.

I’ve done inside and outside sales, business development, published a few novels on Amazon, wrote a technology column with a colleague in the ’90s, belly-danced on the side for fifteen years, and there’s a fairly embarrassing early job in which I was an AM radio country-western disk jockey named Dixie Mason. Yes really. The less said the better. Yee-ha.

What’s Next?

I love having witnessed the rise of the Internet, prefaced by local BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems). I love how much technology has changed our lives and the world and I always want to see what will happen next. There are so many great technology stories, but so few companies seem to know how to tell them or perhaps they don’t have the time. I figure if I’m confused when I visit a website, confronted with impenetrable jargon and cliched descriptions of what must be otherwise straightforward products and services, then others must be confused too. There’s no real differentiation. I even wrote a rant about it on LinkedIn that seemed to touch a nerve in the comments. I want to bring humor, clarity, and just plain English to your story.

And you do have one. Whatever your message is, we can bring it home to others.

Let’s talk.


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