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Let ME tell your story!

What’s your story? What do you believe in? What makes you passionate about your company, your product, your solutions, your ideas? Why should anyone care?

“Great storytelling can make the difference between someone paying attention to you and someone just tuning you out.” Christopher S. Penn, Marketing Guru and Keynote Speaker at SHIFT Communications

“If you want to make a dry topic stand out in clarity and generate interest through humor and light, Nicole is your writer. Don’t waste your time trying to write about a dry subject and make it entertaining, just hire Nicole and let her work her magic.” – Sarah Elkins, Keynote Speaker, Storyteller, Professional Musician

A Babel of Asian eCommerce

Japanese may be one of the easier Asian eCommerce languages to translate – it has a considerably less challenging alphabet although there are five different writing systems to deal with – but it still poses its translation challenges. Any Asian language will, and...