Nicole Chardenet has certainly pulled off a Canuck version of Woody Allen. Beyond a doubt, this hilarious story is the best humour from Canada in a decade.
Carlos Savanera, Capital Literary Review
Quick Notes
Sumer Lovin’

(Deux Voiliers Publishing)

Divorced, middle-aged Rachel Brinkerhoff, a Jewish matchmaker from New York who hopes to remarry, moved to Toronto for a fresh new start with her business and her love life. But no one told her that female-aversive Toronto was BYOB – Bring Your Own Boy. She partners with an Indian and a Muslim lady who want to help Canadians arrange marriages for their often-recalcitrant children and who secretly wonder over the beautiful matchmaker’s datelessness. But then an earthquake shakes up Toronto in more ways than one, and the next thing you know, a public fountain turns into the Fountain of Youth, an army of misfits turn up to stake the world’s weirdest Native land claim, and worst of all, a beautiful sensuous baby-hating woman is stalking Toronto’s virgin males and seducing them with horrifying consequences.

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Young Republican Yuppie Princess

It’s 1984 and the future looks bright for college student Joyce Bacyrus, rah-rah Reaganite and card-carrying Young Republican. She dreams of a high-powered Wall Street Yuppie career until her computer geek friend Hacker boinks it all up by opening a portal to another world in his dorm bathroom and dragging Joyce and their friends into it on a search for Stephanie, his missing lab partner and hopeful future squeeze.

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About Nicole

author picNicole Chardenet was born in the U.S. and moved to Canada in 2005. She likes to tell conservatives it was for all the socialism but really, it was for better beer.  She became a Pagan some years back so she could sleep in on Sundays and thought it was about time she put twenty years’ worth of research and experience in all things occult and fantasy to work for her. She currently lives in Toronto with her evil henchkitty Belladonna, where together they plot world domination and the utter destruction of all vacuum cleaners.

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